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East Africa is the definition of the “Waoooh” Factor.

East Africa is the definition of the “Waoooh” Factor.

There is so much to learn and experience in East Africa but the following tops our list of Luxury Experiences in East Africa.

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon

This is by far the most luxury and unforgettable experience of the Savanna. Imagine being flown around the giant wildlife park with no limited direction so ever of where you are going to land or what your eyes will set to see. The hot air balloon follows the direction of the wind over the Serengeti national park to give you a breathtaking view of the park. End your balloon experience with lunch and champagne to celebrate the most iconic experience ever of African Safari.

You can also opt to explore the whole of the Savanna and opt for Sky Safaris around East Africa Iconic Spots. Why not fly around East Africa luxury resorts and enjoy vast wildlife, and different cultures. It’s like having your own private jet going around East Africa Top Destinations. You can opt for Kenya Classic Sky Safaris which starts from Nairobi, to Tortillas Camp, to Meru at Elsa Kopje and end at Sand River Masai Mara or Tanzania Classic Safaris which starts from Arusha Coffee Lodge for a coffee plantations tour, Tarangire Tree Tops , a luxury nest above Tarangire National Park,to the Manor Ngorongoro for an experience of the Crater, to Serengeti Migration Camp for the Wildebeest migration and back to Arusha. There are so many Fly me around Experiences like these which links various luxury destinations in East Africa to give you an unforgettable experience of the Savannah.

Underwater Accommodation at the Luxury Resort Zanzibar.

Imagine Diving to your room!!! The Manta Resort Pemba, Zanzibar provides you with the luxury and unforgettable experience of the sea bed. The Resort has 3 different levels, the landing deck where the boat drops you off and the location of the lounge and bathroom. This top floor has daybeds and shades for relaxing in the day and watching the stars at night (romantic). Below sea level is the submariner room, a bedroom bubble where fish glide past your window. There are even fish that have made their homes around the structure; imagine being here knowing that you won’t be visited by other guests but by three bat fish and a trumpet fish called Nick(Thrilling). The room is located in a “blue hole” in the middle of a living coral reef so it is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts and also people who just really like The Little Mermaid. For those who can dare, this is one of the best experience of the coastline of East Africa.

You can add to your list Breakfast with the Giraffes at the Giraffe Manor Nairobi Kenya

When you choose a vacation or romantic getaway at the Giraffe Manor Kenya, expect for sure the tallest animals on earth to join you for breakfast or dinner. The Rothschild Giraffe pokes their neck through the window for a friendly gesture before they live to their sanctuary. It is funny how these Savanna beauties come very close to humankind, for only a friendly gesture, and show you how it really feels to be in the Savanna of East Africa.

Top your list with the greatest Migration of all, the Wildebeest Migration. The Great Migration of the Serengeti is considered one of ‘The Ten Wonders of The Natural World’, and one of the best events in Tanzania to witness. A truly awe-inspiring spectacle of life in an expansive ecosystem ruled by rainfall and the urge for survival amongst the herbivores of the Serengeti plains. Thousands of Wildebeest, accompanied by Zebras cross River Mara on several occasion in search for safety and green pasture. The iconic part is how they both follow one leader, irrespective of the danger awaiting them. There are different occasions and seasons to witness this migration, one which our destination planer will be happy to assist you as you plan your luxury and unforgettable taste of Africa.

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