Kigoma Hilltop Hotel

Talking Of Luxury on the top of Deepest Lake In Africa.


The Hotel is a home to 30 beautiful cottages facing Lake Tanganyika.
All the room have an African Touch interior decor


Sangara Restaurant is one of the best assets of Kigoma Hilltop hotel as it is positioned on top of the cliff facing Lake Tanganyika. There is also a swimming pool, a gym, a conference room, and a boat ready to give you a ride on Lake Tanganyika.


It is known tthere is no dull moment in the Savannah,.But the very best time to visit the Kigoma is between June and March..

Talking Of Luxury On The Top Of Deepest Lake In Africa

Kigoma Hilltop Hotel is a Β Luxury Boutique Hotel situated on the top of Hill facing Lake Tanganyika. There is no better view of Kigoma, DRC Congo and Burundi better than on this spot.

Kigoma is a home to chimpanzee and Gorrilas due to its dense forest characteristics, therefore a luxury adventure to Gombe and Mahale National parks should definitely start here. Apart from that KigomaΒ  Hilltop hotel is like a ready-made zoo full of monkeys, Zebras and birds wandering around to give a true African Safari kind of a feeling.

Why we love Kigoma Hilltop Hotel?

This is a perfect venue for your wedding because of its Picturesque views of Lake Tanganyika and a rocky beach on the other side strolling across Lake Tanganyika. For those looking for a true exploration Safari/wedding this is the perfect place. It can accommodate up to 100 guests, have beautiful gardens filled with Zebra’s to give your guests a true African Adventure.

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