Kenya - the name is almost synonymous with the word "safari." Perhaps no other place on the planet conjures such a spirit of adventure and romance. The diversity of things to do dazzles all who visit, and viewing the country's abundant wildlife tops the list. See throngs of wildebeest thundering across the savanna during the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara; come eye-to-eye with an elephant in Amboseli; or marvel at Lake Nakuru, flecked with thousands of flamingos. As you expand to the East,you meet the coastal treasures of Mombasa and Malindi where you can snorkel and dive in fish-rich coral reefs, relax on pearly beaches, experience the melting pot of cultures and cuisines while exploring tropical islands steeped in Swahili history.

Why Kenya as a Destination Spot?

Topographically, Kenya is stunning. Surrounded by calderas and mountain ranges, the Great Rift Valley divides the country. To the east of this sweeping valley, you can climb the snow-cloaked equatorial peaks ofΒ Mount Kenya, not forgetting the sandy and clear beaches of the East Coast. Kenya also is one of the large producers of flowers in the world, one of the best key features for Weddings, Anniversaries or Honeymoon.

Blessed with a wide range of topographical features!

The sheer variety also gives you plenty of options when it comes to Kenya wedding venues!