There is no better place to rekindle your romance like the Savanna of East Africa

There is no better place to rekindle your romance like the Savanna of East Africa. This is because this part of the world is blessed with intimate and luxury getaways that feature the best warm sandy beaches and the world’s greatest wildlife reserves and World’s Natural Wonder

East Africa is very perfect for your safari honeymoon, inclusive of luxury accommodation at top locations; discreet service and sumptuous cuisine; total privacy and exclusivity, all of them wrapped in seamless, world-class logistics and breathtaking views of the Savannah. Get ready to indulge in candle-lit dinners for two on the beach or under starry skies in the wilderness, private and bespoke safari activities, or simply soak up the sun at your private pool.

The East Coast of East Africa’s best honeymoon packages blend the charm and Swahili Culture with the thrills of Mombasa (Kenya) and the Islands of Zanzibar. From the private Island of Mnemba, to the breathtaking Kilindi Zanzibar, extending all the way to cascading and endless pools of Swahili Beach Resort or exclusive getaway at Alfajir Villa makes the coast of East Africa an ideal safari and beach honeymoon combined with the powder-white beaches and romantic getaway.

If your heart is set on a classic African safari, then blend the wildebeest migration crossing Tanzania’s Serengeti via hot air balloon flight to Kenya’s Masai Masai Mara. Pair this romantic getaway with a luxury stay at  Elewana Elsa Kopje or Melia Serengeti among many classy and intimate accommodation lodges within this area

You can still  add to this extraordinary menu the natural wonder of Ngorongoro Crater  with a luxury honeymoon retreat at AndBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge or the Manor  among many others breathtaking retreats resting on the Edge of Ngorongoro Crater or Gorilla Trekking at the Western part of East Africa at Mahale Luxury Lodge or at  the nest on top of the hill cliff of Lake Tanganyika

or Bwindi Lodge ,the lodge right in the middle of Gorillas Jungle in Uganda. Rwanda is also on top of the list with Virunga Lodge, right below the volcanoes mountains of Virunga

One thing we assure you is you and your loved one romance will definitely rekindle with the touch of East Africa spirit. You will leave here with unforgettable memories of a lifetime.

Trust us with unbiased recommendations for where to spend your honeymoon and off course we guarantee you the affordable rates and offers for your stay here.

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