Why Savanna Weddings and Destination Planner?

Why Savanna Weddings and Destination Planner?

Our company is created on the foundation of Love and Luxury. And there is nowhere perfect fit to celebrate LOVE for yourself, LOVE for your partner,family and friends and LOVE for nature like the Savannah of East Africa. Savanna Weddings and Destination Planners is a Tanzania based bespoke destination planner that specializes in designing exceptional luxury getaways for its clients.

We believe in spicing up your life with a luxury retreat somewhere unique and exclusive, in East Africa Region. Whatever your destination in East Africa, however unusual your request, we are here to plan that dream getaway you have always desired. Our trips don’t come off the shelf, there are no pre-set itineraries. They are personalized down to the finest detail around your tastes and interests with an absolute commitment to quality and budget. The Destination Planners crafters at Savannah Weddings and Destination Planners will show you the best sights in a different light, and introduce you   to Unique and Exclusive places that others might miss.

Why Choose Us

Detailed Planners

We listen to you and get all the details about your dream trip, and craft your next unique destination to feel your taste.

Life time Memories

We offer you destinations that will offer your lifetime memories. The luxury retreat on your crafted destination is a must.

Unique and Exclusive Destinations

We offer unique exclusive spots which are not on a public eye. Luxury and Exclusive is our Language

24 Hour Service

Our team is there to help you throughout your stay at our crafted Destinations


Even though we offer you Luxury retreat, we also offer you very good rates compared to other travel sites.

Its your trip.

We don’t offer you combined tour package, we offer you exclusive and unique trip where you are in control.

How it Works


You contact us with your ideal destination, budget, expectation


We optimize you’re your details and fashion the right destination package for you matching your interest, style and budget


You are all set to go with all bookings confirmed