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About Savannah Weddings and Destination Planners

SAVANNAH WEDDINGS AND DESTINATION PLANNERS is a Destination Management Company started in 2019 ,Tanzania ,East Africa.Founded by Ms Doreen Nyamka,who is a rennowed destination wedding planner with a passion of showcasing the beauty of Africa and enriching African experiences .Her journey started a a Wedding Planner but over the time and through course of planning weddings,she found herself stumbling upon beautiful and magical spots either for wedding venues or honeymoon,vacation or retreats for her Clients. This lead to the birth of Savannah Weddings and Destination Planners with a mission of giving our clients the life time experience to Unplug from their daily city life and Recconnect ,Rejuvinate and Rekindle by the touch and experience of the beauty of Africa. We want our clients to see Africa in a different eye,to feel at home,to Reccconect with nature ,to Rejuvinate their bodies and Soul and Rekindle their relationship with themselves and their loved ones by carefully choosing exlusive,unique,and luxury destinations and authentic experiences for them to feel right at home and have memorable authentic experiences. We believe Africa is home, and once you taste the beauty and experience being in this part of the world, you will always dream to come back.

Our mission

To help our clients to Unplug ,Rejuvenate and taste authentic experiences in Africa’s most luxurious and exclusive destinations.

Our vision

Our vision is to “showcase the hidden beauty and experience of Africa beyond the worlds’ imagination while transforming lives and wildlife through travel’’ The experience in Africa is a combination of good weather, culture, food, wildlife, relaxation, the easiness and simplicity of life, the warm smile and kindness of its people, freedom and the breath of Fresh Air.

Why Savannah Luxury Destinations?

We love Africa and we know Africa. While there is a very dark picture pointed about Africa our aim is to showcase the beauty of Africa. We know Africa deserves the number one spot for holidays destinations and for that we are matching our clients with handpicked, beautiful, luxury and exclusive getaways and vacation packages to ensure our clients stay in Africa is nothing but spectacular and full of memorable experiences.
We and our partners work hand in hand to ensure your seamless journey, over-the-top accommodation facility ,authentic African Experience by being on top of service. We love luxury and good design and for that we choose properties and destinations that will make you feel good. The destinations, the vacation deals and properties are more about meaningful experiences ,intentional travel, and connecting with your self and your loved ones but also giving back to the community and ensure sustainable wildlife and environmental conservation. We welcome you to explore Africa together, in Luxury and Style.

How we work

Africa is the best destination for adventure, family vacation, romantic getaway, destination wedding, wellness retreat, corporate retreat etc the list is endless. Our team of experts spend extensive time scouting these destinations ,and choose the best with top notch service and authentic African experience. Your part is just to choose what is best for you and our team will go ahead to finalize the booking and make your journey meaningful. We have the best relationship with our partners to ensure you get excellent service, best deals, upgrades and personal touches only available for our clients. We make sure our prices matches the properties but with extra value.

You are not sure which destination or experience  is best for you? Leave it for our experts to curate a personal itinerary for you.

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