TANZANIA-Your Next Safari, Adventure and Spice Destination

Tanzania is a blessed country located in East Africa. East Africa is made of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and Tanzania is the largest among all the five countries with estimated 365,756 sq mi.

Tanzania is a home to all great lakes of East Africa, with Lake Tanganyika covering the West side,Lake Victoria the North side and Lake Nyasa (Malawi) the Southern side while the Indian Ocean borders the Eastern side of Tanzania.

The tallest and free standing mountain of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro is found in Tanzania, not forgetting that the Olduvai Gorge, where the remains of the first human being was found by Dr Leakey is also in Tanzania.

Why Tanzania should be on top of your bucket list of destinations?

  1. It is most peaceful country in East Africa, ever since independence in 1961 it has never been politically challenged.
  2. It has more than 55 million population, making up to 130 tribes but all living together peacefully, communicating one language Swahili.
  3. All religions are safely practiced in Tanzania, with tolerance towards another belief
  4. It is surrounded by Uganda and Kenya on the North side, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia on the Southern side, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC on the Western side, while the Indian Ocean with Islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia on the Eastern side. This makes Tanzania one of the easiest getaway towards other East, South and Western African countries.
  5. Tanzania is among few Big Five Countries. Meaning among many wildlife and birds species found in Tanzania expect to see large groups of Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalos.
  6. Tanzania is a country rich in history. Once upon a time it was known as one of the largest source of slaves ,and traces of the inhumanity business are still found from Ujiji Kigoma(Western Tanzania) to Zanzibar which was the large market of Slaves, among others like Bagamoyo and Kilwa.When talking about the Island of Zanzibar ,the old Stone Town is full of Indian,Arabic,European and Swahili cultures.
  7. For aquatic and beach lovers this is also the right place for snorkerling,diving,and relaxing on the pristine and glorious clean and sandy beaches surrounding the Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.
  8. If you love trekking and adventure, still Tanzania is the best country for you. From the Roof top of Africa, MT Kilimanjaro is ready to give you an adventure of a lifetime, with approximately six days to conquer.
  9. Apart from that, you can opt to walk on the footsteps of Jane Goodall, and trek the Chimpanzee at the Western Side of Tanzania. The place where Jane Good all discovered these ancient creatures and it has been one the tourist attraction in Tanzania.

How to Access Tanzania.

  • There are Several Airlines which flies directly to Tanzania.The list is inclusive of Delta Airlines, Quarter Airways. Kenya Airways, South African Airways and Emirates which is the best Airline for comfort and luxury.
  • All these Airlines will either jet you off at one of the 3 International Airports in Tanzania, JKIA Airport in Dar es Salaam, or Kilimanjaro International Airport or Zanzibar International Airports.

From there you can opt for road transfers or local flights to your preferable destination.


What documents do you need to visit Tanzania?


  • Passport with at least six more month validity and two blank pages
  • Visa (You can apply this online and there is a tourist visa as well).Here is the link to Visa Applications.
  • Yellow fever vaccination and a proof for the vaccination
  • Medically it is also nice if you visit a travel DR before and see what other medications and vaccinations you need before your visit to Tanzania. Although apart from Malaria which is common in the tropics, nothing more to scare you. The good news is also preventable, so nothing to worry about.


What to wear on your vacation to Tanzania?

  • Tanzania is a warm country most of the time, unless you are conquering Mt Kilimanjaro, your clothes should be light and can breathe easily in them.
  • Don’t forget a hat to protect you from direct sunlight
  • Trousers with zip, so you can easily convert them into shorts when needed
  • Boots
  • Back pack to carry most of your accessories and light items you need frequently
  • Binoculars…you don’t want to miss anything, so even if you are a group or a family, everyone should have their own shop.
  • We advise you pack lightly, so you have a room to carry souvenirs. You won’t regret it.

Inspired already? Watch out for our next post about the recommended place to visit and stay as you are vacationing in Tanzania.

Doreen Nyamka,is a Tanzanian Business Woman, proud of her African Heritage. She is a serial entrepreneur, a wedding and destination planner,BNBer and runs an online Real Estate Digital Platform. She helps African Women on a journey to self discovery,establish businesses they love and earn income through her African Million Dollar Mum movement. She is a mom of 4, married and lives in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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