Detailed Procedure and Steps to get legally married in Zanzibar

For years the tropical Island of Zanzibar, on the East coast of Tanzania has been a perfect getaway for beach weddings. It is no wonder because of the exclusivity, the clear sand beaches of Indian Ocean, the luxury hotels and venues to host your weddings,the historical and unique Arabic Architectural buildings which are perfect for your wedding pictures and the warms and ambiance of this breathtaking tropical Island.

First you should understand that the Certificate of Marriage in Zanzibar is recognized in the United Republic of Tanzania,including Zanzibar only.It is your responsible to find out if the Certificate will be recognized in your home country as well or what is the procedure.

Alternatively you can apply for the International Certificate of Marriage which can be applied at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.All in all you need verification in your country if this Certificate is acceptable.

The Following are the list of Documents needed in order to get married in Tanzania

  1. Certified Copies of your Passports (The picture page). Should be certified by a Lawyer
  2. Four passport size photography
  3. Certificate of Impediment. A Certificate of Non Impediment is obtainable from the Register Office in the area where you reside. Please have this stamped by your local authority.
  4. Certified Copies of Birth certificate of the Bride and Groom. Should be certified by a Lawyer

5. Copies of any previous marriage and/or divorce certificates from both parties. Death certificate if widowed. (Eligibility of both parties to be married needs to be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt)

  1. A headed letter from a noted professional, such as a doctor, minister / pastor or lawyer, stating that the couple are single and free to be married. Quoting names of both bride and groom as on passports and birth certificates as well as passport numbers. It needs to be presented on letterhead paper and signed by the professional themselves.

7). Complete the attached letter to the Regional Commissioner. (Application to get married in Zanzibar.

*Copies of original documents can be certified at your local police station or post office Commissioner of Oath / Justice of the Peace.

You can send these documents via DHL or ARAMEX or any other shipping company, and to be on the Safe Side we will appreciate if we can receive the documents at least 30 days before to complete the Application Process.

Once we have your documents, be assured your journey to I DO in the spice island is set to start.

On the other hand, if you are not interested with the legal marriage, we can organize your perfect romantic symbolic wedding beach ceremony and still celebrate the same the same way. This can be a proper channel especially if the Certificate of Marriage of Zanzibar is not recognized in your country.

Same way can apply for Renewal of Vows.

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Doreen Nyamka,is a Tanzanian Business Woman, proud of her African Heritage. She is a serial entrepreneur, a wedding and destination planner,BNBer and runs an online Real Estate Digital Platform. She helps African Women on a journey to self discovery,establish businesses they love and earn income through her African Million Dollar Mum movement. She is a mom of 4, married and lives in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

One thought on “Detailed Procedure and Steps to get legally married in Zanzibar

  1. Tim Wrenn

    Okay, this looks really nice. However, my current German girlfriend and I, have quite a different if not uniquely complex situation to overcome. First, I will be getting divorced about July 2020. She’s in Germany, I’m in the states. We understand getting married in Zanzibar is recognized by the German Government, correct? Because this is what we want, and need. It’s important for me that we get married before my 90 days Visa stay is up in Germany, so as to avoid having to enroll in language classes right off the bat. I intend to AFTER we get married though! While it is yet unknown for sure, I am thinking we would be ready to fly down to Zanzibar either very late Sept. or early Oct., naturally it all depends on my divorce decree date, and whence I get my patata over to Germany afterward for good. Trust me, it’ll be within 30 days of getting the decree!!

    So all that said, all we want to do, is JUST GET MARRIED! Nothing big, nothing fancy. We would no doubt be staying “wherever” for a week, maybe a bit longer? Don’t know!

    Stupid question…are you a “wedding agent”, “wedding planner”, or is that the same? Or am I talking to a contact person at an actual resort/hotel site? As you can see, for now this is all a bit overwhelming and confusing. I am trying to help my lovely wife-to-be here with some of this research. She gets overwhelmed by this pretty easy.

    Thanks for your time, and any suggestions you can provide.
    Tim Wrenn

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