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Luxury Honeymoon in Zanzibar

From the clean and clear Sandy beaches, oceanic blue sky, vintage and historical architectural buildings, peaceful and loving people of Zanzibar.


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Luxury & Adventure at the Masai Mara

Masai Mara is the largest National reserve in Kenya, globally famous for its exceptional population of lions, leopards and many others.


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Fly and Fly Package for East Africa Residents

Masai Mara is the largest National reserve in Kenya, globally famous for its exceptional population of lions, leopards and many others.

About Savannah Weddings and Destination Planners

SAVANNAH Weddings and Destination Planners is all about Luxury and Detailed planning of weddings, honeymoons and vacations in all of Savannah Plains of AFRICA. For years now, we have taken pride in planning and coordination beautiful weddings in Tanzania, but we realized our couple are not exposed to how beautiful and blessed Tanzania and the rest of East and Southern Countries is blessed in terms of natural beauty, culture and luxurious accommodation facilities for honey moon, destination weddings or vacation.

Our Pride

We pride our self as a first Tanzanian Company to go deep, explore and reveal the beauty of the Savannah Plains to the outside world. Whether you were thinking of a Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, Vow renewal or just a vacation, there is no better place like the Savannah of Africa. We are revealing to you the natural beauty of Africa and all the breathtaking and luxurious places around it to give you unforgettable Experience of a life time.

Get it at your budget!

As Destination and Wedding Planners we know you are very keen about the budget, that’s why we are here to give you detailed and in-depth information about your trip, and help you to get the best and affordable rates to blow your mind. So grab your passport, and let’s start your life time magical experience in the Savannah.


Bahari Beach Castle is a magnificent rustic castle facing the Indian ocean in the heart of Dar es Salaam City. After all the years of planning weddings, we found ourselves with an urge to have our own venue so that we can host weddings and give our clients a nest to escape the busy life of Dar es Salaam.


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The expertise of working with a certified destination planner to save you time, money, and simplify your wedding, honeymoon or vacation planning.ue.


The Security of Working with a local company aware of all the rules and regulations of the area.

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Peace of mind for our happy couple as we take care of all the details and give you a stress free experience in the Savannah

Exclusive Savings you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

We have developed a good relationship with suppliers, resort management, travel concierge services, photographers and industry leaders to allow us to provide you with quality service and access to preferred products at affordable prices.

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